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This bundle includes:

  • MineTan Self Tan Mousse 
    • select from Olive, Violet or Absolute x60
  • BTan Tan Go Away Tan Eraser Foam
  • Mine Tan Tan Applicator Mitt


Get your glow on at home with this Sunless Starter Pack! Choose the self tan mousse shade thats right for you - no orange, no after tan smell, no streaking, we promise!


Apply the mousse to clean skin in circular motions (make sure to shower first, and don't apply moisturizers, perfumes, deodorants or makeup!) Shaving or waxing should be done 24-48 hours in advance.


Allow the mousse to sit on the skin for 1-4 hours - the longer you let it go, the darker you'll get. Leave it on overnight for the darkest results! Shower the mousse off when you're ready - a quick lukewarm rinse. Moisturize with your favourite tan extender and enjoy gorgeous colour for 5-7 days!


To remove sunless colour (after 3-5 days minimum), apply the BTan Tan Go Away foam all over and let sit for 5 minutes. Using an exfoliating mitt, buff off the sunless tan. Now you're ready for your next application of colour!

Sunless Starter Pack

C$75.00 Regular Price
C$45.00Sale Price
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