The perfect blend of beauty, technology and convenience, the Nano Mist is a pocket-sized portable spray tan mist for the perfect sunless tan in under 2 minutes. Jet-setters and beauty lovers alike are using this perfect device to get a insta glow on-the-go or top-up their face tan with the moisturizing tan mist.


The Nano Mist fuses Nano Atomization Technology and compact convenience in one chic device smaller than your phone and delivers a mess-free ‘insta-tan’ on the go. Using the specially formulated Nano Mist Tan Drops mixed with the Nano Atomization Technology, the tan solution is atomized into nanoparticles; enabling it to be absorbed faster than ever before – leaving skin feeling soft, hydrated and refreshed as your tan develops gradually over the next few hours.


How to use


  • Slide front cover down, hold away from skin initially. The white light should be illuminated and Nano Mist will spray.
  • Vertically hold Nano Mist 10 -12cm (4-5”) away from the skin. Close your eyes and mouth and begin to work in an even motion.
  • Do not move the device too fast. A slow, steady pace will ensure even coverage and a better result.
  • If any build up or streaks occur, use the Mini Mitt to help blend away imperfections.
  • The fast drying formula will build a natural looking tan, gradually over the next few hours. Re-apply to achieve an even darker skin finish.


• Paraben Free

• 100% Natural DHA

• Vegan Friendly 🌱

NANO MIST - Portable Self Tan Spray


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