A deep exfoliating mitt to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin that maintains its elasticity, suppleness, and smoothness. Made from a unique fabric texture, the Dermasuri revitalizes your skin by removing dead skin cells and debris off your body, revealing healthy, smooth skin underneath. Unlike other exfoliation methods such as loofahs or scrubs, the Dermasuri unique fabric grabs and sloughs off flaky dead skin from the skin’s surface and simply rolls it off.


Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • Removes impurities and rejuvenates skin, leaving skin smooth and renewed
  • Improves circulation, stimulates collagen, and fights aging
  • Reduces ingrown hairs, bumps, and clogged pores
  • Helps even skin tone and prevents dullness
  • Absorb skin care products more effectively
  • Smooths skin surface for even application of tanning and self-tanning products


How to Use

- soften skin in the shower or bath by steaming in water for 5-10 minutes

- squeeze off excess water from the mitt and leave mitt slightly damp

- remove dead skin by using vigorous, up and downward motion until you see dead skin cells roll away

- apply pressure for optimal results

- rinse mitt and let dry

- repeat once weekly, especially between sunless applications

Dermasuri Exfoliating Mitt

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