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- Use the Body Buff prior to indoor or outdoor tanning to encourage a more even tan and smoother skin surface.

- Gently massage over wet skin for exfoliation up to 3 times per week. Rinse completely.

- The KEY to a great sunless tan is proper preparation - exfoliate and shave the day before and don't put any moisturizers or makeup on the skin for the best, even coverage.


- Organic Aloe to hydrate and soothe skin

- The Organic Botanical Blend contains a combination of organic blueberry, spinach and cranberry to help combat free radicals and help skin look and feel healthy

- The Superfoliant Technology is a blend of Pumice,Quartz,Volcanic Ash and Walnut Shell that maximizes exfoliating power to reveal fresh, balanced skin for an even tan

- Formulated with the Cleansing Complex to gently wash away dead skin, leaving skin smooth and conditioned

- Eliminate unpleasant odor with Coastal Sands Fragrance

- Formulated without Oil

Body Buff Exfoliator

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